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Whether you’re starting a new business or moving an already established one, the stakes are high when choosing your new office.  Your office effects important factors such as:

  • Your ability to serve your clients
  • The image your company projects
  • Your operating costs
  • The efficiency and morale of your staff

It’s important to factor the advantages and disadvantages of a new office location.  Here’s some reason you might consider a move.


1. Company growth

Your business is a success! You need more room for staff or product lines.  If there is no room for expansion at your present site, you may be forced to move.

2. Your current building is getting run down

Be aware for signs of deterioration in your building or neighborhood:  lack of maintenance or cleanliness of the building, trash in the parking lot or streets, or increased vandalism.

3. Your customer base is changing

The business climate of areas change over time.  If you decide to target a new area for the growth of your business, it may be time to consider moving.

4. You need to cut costs

If your business is changing, consider scaling down your office space to save on costs, either by moving or by reconfiguring your current office.

5. Bad traffic or lack of parking

Do you need convenient parking or more better access to your office?  What about your customers or clients? Is it convenient for them to find you? On the other hand, maybe you travel often. If so, can you and your staff get out of the office and on the road without wasting a lot of time?

6. You’ve outgrown your home office

We see some of our newest tenants coming from home. Maybe you’ve got kids at home now and need a more professional climate to concentrate on their business. Or the client base or staff has grown, now you need a business location for meetings.

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