The RDI Building is a full service Class A office building located at 3003 E. Chestnut Expressway, Springfield, Missouri - conveniently near Hwy. 65 and just a few minutes from downtown Springfield.

We lease professional office space to internet and sales companies, government agencies, brokers, insurance and investment companies, design firms, and entrepreneurs. We have large offices ranging from 1500 sq. ft. to smaller executive-style offices with access to a common kitchen, reception area, and conference room.

This all sounds good, but there's lots of places offering space in town. So...


How are we different?

We're not a property management company -- we are old-fashioned landlords. Which means we know our tenants by name. We're at the building almost every day -- checking up on things like the janitorial, the maintenance, watering the flowers. We try to make life easier for our tenants by providing full service janitorial and maintenance. In addition to handling all that, we often provide extra services for our tenants including:

  • We can help you plan your office
    We can come over to your current office space, measure your furniture, and give you drawings with ideas about how you could arrange an office plan in one of our available spaces.
  • We can help get your logo or sign on the front door of your office
  • We have real flowers, plants and artwork in the common areas
  • If you want to host a special business event such as ribbon-cutting or open house, we can help you plan it
    If we have the extra space available, we can work with you to set up a room with tables, chairs, easel, white board, and big coffee pot!
  • If you're new in town, we can tell you about the community
    We have been involved and support local organizations and community events for over 20 years, so if you're new to town, we can tell you about available city and county services and cool local events
  • If you send us your business news, we'll Tweet, Facebook, and blog it

Over the years, we've done all this and more for our tenants. That's probably why, once someone moves into the building, they stay for years.


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